My series “page one”

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2021.10.22 19:24 YourWIMPYokKID My series “page one”

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2021.10.22 19:24 According_Maybe5839 Help me narrow down my cart!

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2021.10.22 19:24 Icedfriedcarrot Worst move (exculde ults)

not element btw but plese say the element that the move comes from
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2021.10.22 19:24 Michael_JD_ The Battle of K4 (Footage from SHH)

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2021.10.22 19:24 Unknown_Goose How my work stacks soda bottles

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2021.10.22 19:24 mamimommy 😁

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2021.10.22 19:24 knibbs1325 them be looking like rookie numbers

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2021.10.22 19:24 Aarnav69 I'm having a bit of trouble with Twixtor Pro, help needed(Adobe After Effects)

So I downloaded the twixtor zip file, extracted the effect file, put it in the folder, cut all my clips, and added the effect to the composition. All I had to do was change the graph(opens up when clicked Ctrl + Shift + C) up a little bit. Except I don't see a graph. It's an empty cartesian plane. How do I fix this please help
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2021.10.22 19:24 Visible-Fig-9648 Posterizer Badge STILL NEVER ACTIVATES

Guys. Please fix the posterizer badge on current gen. It never activates and hasn't seen the release of 2K22. It's very frustrating to see so many updates and patches to so many other other aspects of the game, that it almost seems as though this issue is truly being ignored.
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2021.10.22 19:24 Basic-Cloud6440 What is that quest?

In the trailer of the final cut at 0:44 seconds. what quest is this. i didnt have it while playing it.
here is the link
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2021.10.22 19:24 guess_ill_try CDLC and DG in AeroGarden farm XL

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2021.10.22 19:24 Stix_Zadinia 48 [M4F] Foxboro ~ Are there any women who enjoy transsexual porn?

I am a man who is looking to have a conversation with women who have an interest in transsexuals. I would like to learn what your attraction is. PM's are encouraged for discretion!
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2021.10.22 19:24 its_logan75 sqlite3.OperationalError: no such column

I am attempting to query an SQLite3 table from my python script as follows:

symbol = 'AAPL' strategy = 'long' result = cursor.execute(f"SELECT id,action,size FROM position_data WHERE symbol={symbol} AND strategy={y}").fetchall() print(result) 
However for some reason it throws this error:
sqlite3.OperationalError: no such column: AAPL 
Despite when looking at the position_data SQL table you see this:
id symbol action size strategy
1 AAPL buy_to_open 10 long
What am I doing wrong? Any help is appreciated!
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2021.10.22 19:24 WalkLikeAnEgyptian69 I hate when companies have a no tipping policy

I recently had the cable guy at my place and he went above and beyond to make sure my internet was working correctly. When he left I tried to tip him $20 as a thank you and he insisted that he couldn't take it.
I've had shitty cable guys and I've had great cable guys. Why shouldn't the guy who works his ass off make more money?
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2021.10.22 19:24 ShiningSplat Darkrai first 5. FC: 4756 9931 1463

First 5 to request will get an invite. If not enough people join with 10 seconds left leave and I’ll add someone else
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2021.10.22 19:24 Tarpit__ 'Oldgrowth Anchor' copper-inpregnated earthenware & fulgerite

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2021.10.22 19:24 EdwardHeisler China’s FAST Observatory Sees More Than 1,000 Radio Bursts from a Single Spot

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2021.10.22 19:24 International_Fox244 my code 😄

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2021.10.22 19:24 MatchesMalone1994 Secret identities?!

Are secret identities just not a thing in this show? I feel like everyone at this point knows Bruce Wayne was Batman and who the Robins were…Crane even had some of the GCPD in the Batcave/Wayne Manor
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2021.10.22 19:24 Big_Brother-1984 Tô sem criatividade para colocar um código então..... Aqui ta

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2021.10.22 19:24 Zen_NatureTV Relaxing Stream

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2021.10.22 19:24 Cklues1 How to get to boss fight Aberration

Quick question on how to start the Rockwell fight. So I’ve noticed that supply drops have each tribute available in them, but I’ve also found the terminal in the red zone where the boss is. Am I able to start the boss fight with all my dinos through a supply drop or do I have to march them down through the red zone?
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2021.10.22 19:24 LameGamer_18590 Blindness form hot coolant

So, idk if this existed, but ever since the battery update it seems you can go blind when opening the radiator when it's overheating? I've opened it before hot and haven't gotten blinded by it.
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2021.10.22 19:24 abi0g3n3sis How common is gardening in Southern NJ? I am from North/Central and like gardening, was wondering whether it’s more common “further down,” thanx!

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2021.10.22 19:24 DuckQuacks Mail day! 2020 Justin Haley June Talladega Win 1/24 (Exclusive to the Kaulig Racing Store) and 2001 Greg Biffle Busch Series 1/64!

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