Israel designates Palestinian civil society groups as terrorists, U.N. 'alarmed'

2021.10.22 19:37 ZoolShop Israel designates Palestinian civil society groups as terrorists, U.N. 'alarmed'

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2021.10.22 19:37 wdhyea [WTS] DS Jordan 6 “Carmine” sz 9 $230

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2021.10.22 19:37 Criuperca Anyone know the species of these two ?

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2021.10.22 19:37 exceptional_once Sandrine needs a big dick to stimulate her lower chakras

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2021.10.22 19:37 notK1ng Is this ghost writing?

My friend and I are having a debate. Is this a ghost writing?
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2021.10.22 19:37 Killme1028 Yes you are still a cod player, No excuse for that many deaths. This was an off game too.

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2021.10.22 19:37 M3RAK1_DZNS Where did it all go wrong for this game in your guys opinion?

So this game obviously fell off a cliff since it’s early days in like 2016 and 2017 in 2021 this game is a shell of its former self but why is that in your guys opinion?
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2021.10.22 19:37 DarkangelUK Limited time free BattleTag name change

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2021.10.22 19:37 AvocadoAK47 Afternoon

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2021.10.22 19:37 GetthisMoney89 Michael Myers wish he could catch these Cheeks / DBD [US] [PS5]
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2021.10.22 19:37 pokemyiris how can i get a BPD diagnosis as a male?

this is a genuine question because i feel like since i'm a dude (19), BPD is being so overlooked for me. not once have a therapist/psychiatrist/psychologist said to me "you seem like you have BPD." i've been evaluated twice by professionals and was diagnosed with autism spectrum and bipolar 1. funny thing is that when i first suspected i was autistic, i told one of my past therapists and they told me they didn't think i was. now, i'm having this same issue possibly with my bipolar 1 diagnosis. i literally have never experienced mania in my life and was told i had bipolar 1. the same person who evaluated my for bipolar i guess also tested me for BPD in the test but I didn't recognize any questions that had anything to do with BPD. it was all old fashioned (they even did an IQ test) which seemed useless for me imo. now, my psychiatrist is putting me on 1,500mg of lithium which hasn't changed anything i feel (i am so much more irritable all the sudden). i'm tired of being told i'm bipolar by psychiatrists/therapists because they take the advice of the weird bipolar 1 diagnosis i have...
idk how in the world they think i'm bipolar because my moods are influenced/triggered mostly or i just feel flat? i used to SH a lot, one time i broke down after a breakup and tried to chug rubbing alcohol, i've done this like 3 times. i hate and love people (mostly my fp) very easily. one of the biggest factors that can switch my mood is my partner. all they have to do is say something in a tone or way and i'll hate their fucking guts. same with family members, it's so easy to hate and i find comfort in 'splitting' sometimes. sometimes my hate for loved ones is so intense that i wish they'd disappear. when people yell at me or raise their voice it is extremely triggering. i feel like this makes my relationships with others unstable because i will avoid them or become argumentive. my anger is explosive but internally (resenting). i feel empty all the time because have ASD makes it hard to socialize (though, i've started to appreciate being by myself more now). i feel like anytime i bring up my symptoms i will not be taken seriously by ANYONE besides this sub. i relate so much with people with BPD from the posts here and it makes me upset that i'm labeled as manic depressive when it's so untrue. even before i've been medicated, my mood swings were of the same reason: relationships. relationships might be the death of me.
out of all my symptoms, is BPD not a possibility? my doctors act like i HAVE to be bipolar 1 and it feels so invalidating. anyone know what i should do?
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2021.10.22 19:37 cametumbling Getting slammed by recruiters but can’t get a job

I’m self-taught with a solid portfolio. Recruiters are messaging me like crazy on LinkedIn, so I’ve been put forth for probably 50 jobs since switching to “looking for work” in mid-August. I stopped looking at LinkedIn after the first two weeks, bc it was just too much. I’m finally winding down my remaining interviews from those first two weeks. No offer. It’s been 2 months of hell. People making me out to be an outright liar for being self taught (I am very very transparent about this), somehow not understanding until I’ve been through weeks of their take homes and tech interviews and behavioral interviews that I don’t have prod experience, just rejection after rejection.
Basically: I have more tech interviews than I can handle, but I will always get rejected, so the interviews aren’t a good thing anymore. Companies may not knowingly be wasting my time. But I need to find a way to increase my ratio of progression.
I’m going to take a break before restarting this process, bc my mental health is in the can, but honestly I’m so exhausted I want to give up.
Does anyone have any advice?
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2021.10.22 19:37 Negative_Difference4 We’ve spoken about Thomas Markle’s interview but WATCHING it is another level. Thomas has dropped some bombs. The bit about MM wanting him to not speak to her siblings was WOW and The bit about Doria | GMB

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2021.10.22 19:37 Ok-Sir2036 You ever drunk bailey's from a shoe?

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2021.10.22 19:37 PretendingtobePeople Episode 114: ‎Post Kill Clarity

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2021.10.22 19:37 ProjectMcCabe2 Matt Ryan on the Bears in Player Meetings?

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2021.10.22 19:37 iam-shooketh Budddogs viral tweet breakdowns 'Why I'm so Bullish on $Monsta'

A Thread:
1/ I've been asked a lot why i'm so bullish on $Monsta and how I can be so certain that we're going to $1 and beyond...
Here I put some thoughts together:
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2021.10.22 19:37 TessaPresentsMaps Free maps for D&D streamers, no strings attached

I was watching a Witchlight stream and they were depicting a conflict at the carnival with a courtyard map. It got me thinking that I would love to see my maps in streams. Whether or not they were credited, whether or not they'd bought a copy, it would just be really nice to see them used.
I ask Dungeon Masters Guild if that was allowed and they had this to say:
"They should be fine to use the maps on their stream, as long as they aren't giving them away, which I doubt they would be. We would appreciate a shout out or directing viewers to our site."
So here's it is my glorious streamers! You have permission to use my maps from here and here in your D&D stream, and if you email me a link to your stream at []( I will send you a free copy of the relevant map pack from DMs Guild.
I don't know if this is something that you want, I'm not a streamer, but maybe I can make it a little bit easier for you to bring D&D joy to the world.
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2021.10.22 19:37 New-Consideration420 IMAQ IMAQU findings

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2021.10.22 19:37 Donors1 Recommendations for upcoming servers

Hey guys, I'd like to play again however i don't really enjoy the current PServers.
First of all. Does anyone know the name of an upcoming server that alot of people are waiting for? I believe it was v83? maybe wrong
I heard about a upcoming server a while ago. That alot of people have been hyped for and honestly i really can't wait for that. But i forgot the name and i'm not even sure if it was v83 it should be as i'm only interested in servers that are oldschool-ish. it can have Cygnus and even Evan/Aran for all i care.
So in the meantime i just want another server that isnt' Royals or Legends. As i palyed these and didn't quite enjoy the playerbase/economy/rates etc etc
IF you guys have any recommendations i'd highly appreciate it. And i'll join their discord and wait for launch.
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2021.10.22 19:37 dirtylittleincel I hate opening this subreddit

and having a minimum of 15 people reminding how much of a failure i am
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2021.10.22 19:37 KitcoNews Powell talks down inflation and gold follows

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2021.10.22 19:37 RueBaggins Crypto Exchange Scam

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2021.10.22 19:37 Mekong4321 Tiren preguntas!!!!

Buenas gente, preciso su ayuda para un proyecto cultural donde se le hacen entrevistas a diferentes grupos de personas en Uruguay. La idea es hacerles preguntas SINCERAS y SIN FILTRO que le interesen a la gente pero que tengan verguenza de preguntar en persona o cosas que de verdad no sepan.

  1. ¿Qué le querrían preguntar a UMBANDISTAS? 2)¿Qué le querrían preguntar a PROFESORES DE LICEO? 3)¿Qué le querrían preguntar a GENTE DE FRONTERA?
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