Day care owner gets 6 years for hiding 26 kids in basement

2021.10.22 20:33 DemUnderground Day care owner gets 6 years for hiding 26 kids in basement

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2021.10.22 20:33 naan_existenz No Capitale after multiple blood money missions

So I've done 4 blood money missions today. I've killed and looted every NPC I see and opened every chest, crate, and lock box I can find. I've found zero of this "capitale." What am I missing?
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2021.10.22 20:33 DemUnderground So, today, tfg just had to tell Meghan McCain that her dad was a "RINO's RINO", i.e. a

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2021.10.22 20:33 Season_Cookie Should we get events where we make the decisions?

If we get more events where we make the decisions, I think that would be way more fun to play and would last way longer. I imagine it would be like a choose your own adventure event which would be amazing. Where the whole server you are playing with chooses the adventure with you and I would also think you could play more than once to get the full experience out of the event. What do you think?
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2021.10.22 20:33 briskthesceptile2002 Trading?

Can we still trade with friends over wifi with the exploit? I really want a turtwig
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2021.10.22 20:33 DatinThrowAway Should I join the NSLS (National Society of Leadership and Success)?

The admission fee is $90. I'm at community college right now and will be transferring soon to some fairly competitive universities. I don't have many extracurriculars to put on my app, so I'm wondering if colleges will notice my membership in the NSLS? I'm not in any other frats/societies, and I've heard from some that it helps to have some kind of recognition from your peers. Also the membership comes with a personalized letter of recommendation, and wow I could use one of those.
What do you guys think?
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2021.10.22 20:33 trevordutton4 🚀 JUST FAIR LAUNCHED 20:00UTC🚀Hemp & Pawz Charity💎Products & Apparel💎💥Rewardz Doge Coin💥

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2021.10.22 20:33 Sn0wyy_bird Boss belittling my mental health

I need help on opinion of what to do. All day I had intense anxiety to point I had 2 panic attack at work, in which I ask to leave early. In which my manager belittled my anxiety by saying that everyone gets anxiety you just have to toughen up and keep working, she keep comparing my anxiety to others and saying why can't I keep working when other can when they have anxiety attack. She had also told me that I should go see a doctor to get that sorted asap as she can't have me leaving work for anxiety problem. As well there days where I not rosters on so I have time to relax from my anxiety and constantly I am the first phone call to recover that shift, I'm unable to say no and is constantly guilt tripped into doing the shift even if I needed that day for my mental health. I have an anxiety disorder, depression, eating disorder, suicidal tendency. What should I do?
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2021.10.22 20:33 nostalgic-ntdo-grl Make what I call Poor Man Porridge™ out of that left over rice and soon-to-expire fruits 'n veggies.

The Best trick I've learned is adding rice (cooked white rice is best, which doubles as a great way to get rid of left over rice when you're sick of eating plain rice) to anything imaginable (squash, pumpkin, any kind of potato, leeks, tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, that handful of mushy wilted greens that are past their prime but you don't want to throw away because they were expensive, any beans, even fruits like apples, oranges, bananas, melon, etc. ...) to make a porridge of sorts. Blend no more than equal parts rice and fixins' together (I find ¾ rice to 1 part fixins' the best texture and flavor for the most part but do it to your own taste), pour in a pot, and bring to a boil. Top with whatever your heart desires. This is a bastardized version of Asian rice porridge (Congee), essentially, and I eat some form of it 5 times a week at least.
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2021.10.22 20:33 Negovan69 Two Serbs Dancing With the Masai Villagers

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2021.10.22 20:33 ryyyeee help

so we just adopted a crocodile skink but they also told us there is a day gecko in the same enclosure and we are going to the store tomorrow to grab tank stuff to hopefully catch it and put it in it’s own tank. So if anyone has any tips/tricks on how to catch him but also any advice on how to care for them would be wonderful!
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2021.10.22 20:33 Lopsided-Ad-2111 mag gatekeeper

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2021.10.22 20:33 quote_emperor cartolina-aforisma-william-shakespeare-51

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2021.10.22 20:33 Creator_user Hi, I've got a few questions :p

Hi, so basically, I'm still figuring myself out when it comes to gender, sexuality and things related to that, now I know it's something everyone can only do themselves, but I need a bit clearer understanding on a few things :D
1) if I'm not sexually atracked to anyone, but I have, ahh I guess you can call em, sexual desires, does that still count as asexual?
2) what is the exact meaning/definition of Omnisexual? (I did find some definitions on Google, but the wording was confusing for me(English isn't my first language))
I hope this isn't against the rules in anyway, I just want to understand, thank you in advance :D
Idk of right flair, sorry if wrong flair :')
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2021.10.22 20:33 Winterfamilia_2006 Bell and Freya in real life

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2021.10.22 20:33 TrainerRaids13 6340 8765 1094 - mega absol

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2021.10.22 20:33 ComfortableHot2951 Evil Walter:

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2021.10.22 20:33 ArcBoss Quest 2 charging port slightly melted

So I was charging my quest 2 I came back picked it up it was very hot removed the charging cable and it slightly burned. Everything works fine and I can still charge from the charging port but I can't use oculus link anymore WTF?
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2021.10.22 20:33 Pepethejeep General how to on a compression tester

Hi, I’m going to be doing a compression test on my old Crown Vic with the small block Windsor motor (302). I was wondering if the motor needed to be warm/ at operating temp or if doing it cold would still be accurate.
Also, any general tips on compression testers would be helpful.
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2021.10.22 20:33 CynicalCreepy some quizzes.

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2021.10.22 20:33 RegExrBot Funko POP TV: Parks & Rec Bundle now available at ShopPopONLINE

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2021.10.22 20:33 DewbackDooDoo Horror Stories (April-May 1938) cover art by John Drew

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2021.10.22 20:33 Mobile_Bread8052 Spot the pandas

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2021.10.22 20:33 Odd_Box1823 This is the last time I ever relapse, I'm tired of porn consuming me and I'm tired of how it makes me feel. FUCK PMO

It started when I was very young. It started when I was like 7 and saw some light clothed girls on mtv and felt something. After that everything got worse, I started with soft core, eventually got over to hardcore and later started with compilations and edging. Later that was not enough for me so I started with binaural beats and hypnosis videos. And now I'm so far into the addiction I feel dissasociated to everyone. I have fucked up my dopamine reseptors so hard that the simplest task feel so hard. I need to get out of this addiction before it destroys me, I have tried to stop so many times but the longest ive done is 14 days. But this time imma fully commit I feel confident that this is the absolute last time. FUCK PORN
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2021.10.22 20:33 mr_whit33 Dog friendly fall activities in New England?

Looking for things to do with a dog this weekend. I noticed a lot of the wineries and such are not dog friendly. Any good recommendations?
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