Upgrading cpu

2021.12.02 22:26 Steiny5843 Upgrading cpu

So I will be upgrading from a ryzen 5 1600af to a ryzen 5 3600. I was told that I need to completely re install my OS otherwise I'll run into problems. I'm fine with that. My question is should I wipe the drive my OS is on before I install the new version of windows? Also should I wipe all my other storage drives or can I still use those with the new OS. Thanks for any help
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2021.12.02 22:26 Relevant_Shine_8724 Psn player looking for more players on oc servers

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2021.12.02 22:26 Royal_Flower I'm struggling with my friendship and I worry that I'm going to end it by trying to make it stronger.

My problem arosed earlier this year. For around a month my closest friend who I generally considered to be my best friend suddenly started to text me less and less. It was as they found something more fun to do with some else, who was a relative of theres. While this was going on i would constantly be texting them what they were doing and if they wanted to do anything fun. They would barely respond and usually just ignore me for hours. This was painful to go through for a month and i constantly felt sad and insecure about myself. Eventually at the end of a month i completely broke down and told them how scared and lonely I was without them.
After this we went back to how it was before, with us spending alot of time together and enjoying our time. But it was also worrying, and I would ask a lot if they wanted to do stuff together out of a fear for what would happen if I didn't.
It worked for a while and I felt like I had become their best friend again but a couple weeks ago the old relative they spent a lot of time with reappeared in our life. Ever since then we would sometimes hangout as a group but we both just generally talk to the one person as if it was a 1v1 convo. As time goes on we hang out more as a group but its making me more and more worried. My friend seems to enjoy time way more with them and sound more like their having more fun with them which pains me to hear cuz I feel like they wont consider me to be their best friend anymore.
Some times I ask them if they still consider me their best friend and they say yes but i constantly find it hard to believe when they sound like they enjoy time with their relative more. We still talk the most, since we often dm for hours during the day, but it feels like its hard to compete with their relative since he finds them way more fun. This causes me to often be sad when we hang out and constantly worry to my friend about not being good enough for them. He often then gets annoyed and tells me that whats happening is my fault and what i can do about it. Im aware it is but i want to stop feeling like such a fuckup and like im killing my friendship.
He has been the person I've trusted for the longest and we should logically be best friends, but every time we hangout as a group I just cant logically accept that as fact when he seems to find him way more fun.
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2021.12.02 22:26 emboldenmen Make Male Genital Mutilation (Circumcision) an offence unless medically required

Make Male Genital Mutilation (Circumcision) an offence unless medically required I’m asking the UK Government to criminalise circumcision, no exceptions for Religious circumstances, unless it has to be done for medical reasons, such as an infection. Parents or medical professionals found Circumcising children otherwise should be prosecuted accordingly.
More details
The fact that FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) is criminalised but MGM isn’t is extremely sexist & wrong.
MGM can have a profound effect on children’s mental health and it is often done without the child’s consent.
I am asking that performing or allowing MGM to be performed be made a specific criminal offence. Where a parent is involved the penalties should include losing their child.
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2021.12.02 22:26 Dslwraith I did a thing today.... Even worked when I brought a non S class ship in between them all...

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2021.12.02 22:26 Edlover203 Will manga series be getting a reprint anytime soon?

A lot of the early volumes are out of print and going for high prices online and I can’t seem to find the right info I’m looking for, was wondering if anyone in this sub knew anything before I spend exorbitant prices on eBay lol.
I have volumes 1-6 at the moment
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2021.12.02 22:26 nona_ssv Jewish Refugees in Shanghai, Republic of China 🇹🇼 (1930s-40s)

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2021.12.02 22:26 Grandeftw Anya Taylor-Joy is Argentinian?

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2021.12.02 22:26 One-Piccolo6912 Dumb question but I’m new

So is the dead lift a leg or back workout and If it’s both what would it be better to do on legs or back?
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2021.12.02 22:26 LeoAtMintcast mintCast 375 – Linux! I Choose You!

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2021.12.02 22:26 ScottChi DIYing taking Equipment to Europe?

Has anyone come up with a good DIY way to take their stereo equipment to Europe? Some of my stuff will work fine, like the turntable (wall wart powered) and home built speakers.
The rest is all 120V/60Hz with built in supplies. The Audiosource amp and preamp/tuner, Onkyo CD carousel, much loved Teac cassette deck, and subwoofer plate amp either have to be replaced or need power conversion.
I'm wondering if I just replace the speaker amps, would it be practical to use a power converter to handle the other components. Many thanks.
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2021.12.02 22:26 Kuruzu41 Just So Damn classy!!

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2021.12.02 22:26 AudienceBeneficial56 So fitting cruise control to my 1.4 is going well so far

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2021.12.02 22:26 fryingpansexual0405 Boobiesssssssss

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2021.12.02 22:26 jn_rs 20 Years. Some stories and memories

Posted this to RS3 since that's what I still play, but I figure most old school players will know the feels.
Talked to my friend of 25 years and we had a convo that sparked me recalling back to 2002.
It's a brick, so TL:DR - what are your fondest memories, preferably your earliest childhood memories of RS? Just want to hear some nooby stories.
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2021.12.02 22:26 The-Dire-Wolf-XO What the actual fu—…. Why is stal here…..

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2021.12.02 22:26 yyzworker Catholic school in Etobicoke closed due to COVID-19 outbreak

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2021.12.02 22:26 Kajun_Kong Are scepters not maces even though it’s a mace class? Tried to make steel in one.

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2021.12.02 22:26 lamno1 It’s a trio!

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2021.12.02 22:26 zhxn #蓬佩奧 都瘦脫相了,他做 #減肥手術 了嗎?#臉書 刪除傳播虛假病毒溯源論的 #瑞士專家 帳戶;前幕僚長澄清:川普在和拜登進行第一次總統辯論時...

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2021.12.02 22:26 negmudin Necro or ninja garb. I also have 2 epics and a rare necro shield

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2021.12.02 22:26 CumFunny [Hobby] Wondering about putting together or joining a game team as an artist/writer/programmer

Hello there,
I'm an OK artist and writer that is fairly fluent in C#. I'd like to find or create a group where I can have a good amount of creative lead and where I can work with people that are around as talented as I am.
I make games by myself in my free time and have started to feel like I would be more fulfilled as part of a team. As such, I'd like to find a group of people that are passionate about making games like I am.
If I were to join or create a project I would like to have a fair amount of game and plot direction (alongside general design and characters and yada yada). I don't want to just join in on a preexisting project and make some code for a game while having no say over the creative parts as that's not what I enjoy. Creation of fiction is what I'm passionate about and I don't get much enjoyment making things otherwise.
On the other hand, I don't want to force people to make whatever I say. I'd like it to be a constructive experience where everyone enjoys the process. I'm broke as hell, so that's not really an option. I'd like to create some sort of space where me and some people with the same interests as me can make a game we are all passionate about. Like I said I tend to do all this stuff as a hobby anyway and I just think sharing in the experience with some others would be exciting.
Here is my twitter if you are interested in what my art is like. I have never finished a gamedev project on my own but I can assure you that I know my way around C# and am fairly familiar with game design. If you'd like to see some unfinished work I've done I suppose you can contact me for it.
If you have any ideas as to how I could go about starting something like this, comment or dm me. I don't know what I'm really expecting from posting here but I'd appreciate it if anyone reached out. Thanks in advance.
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2021.12.02 22:26 c1utchmatic [WTB] BCM Mod 0 stock BLK [TX]

Looking for the non-sopmod stock in black. Salt is okay as long as it’s not egregious. I’ll do $40ish shipped!
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2021.12.02 22:26 JayZeeCone Things that make you go hmmmm…

If you use what’s obvious a floor as your ceiling, I will always vote for the other design. What about y’all, any materials you dislike so much you automatically choose the other design, even if it’s not as nice? (I tend to do this when I see that blue tie die pillow also!)
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2021.12.02 22:26 Mr-Gspot Anyone NOT able to sell gyen on CBP?

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