Basic build for chronos in duel?

2021.12.02 21:02 Ok_Salamander1350 Basic build for chronos in duel?

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2021.12.02 21:02 introsort [Hiring] Data Engineer (ActiveCampaign)

To learn more and apply for the job, please see Data Engineer
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2021.12.02 21:02 ScadootsMcGoots Carbon Credits + Blockchain = Terrapass

Hey gang, I came across this company called terrapass ( They supposedly offset carbon emissions and in exchange individuals/companies can purchase the offsets in the form of crypto (TPSC). I think this is a great idea, combining the both a crypto coin to carbon offsets but I dont totally understand how those tokens are handed out or created? If anyone could elaborate on the business model or if anyone else is the space is doing something similar that would be very helpful. Thanks!
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2021.12.02 21:02 bluewhale1000 Will my view show up on their stories?

If I do the half swipe thing (where you go on the story right next to the story you want to see, and half swipe so I can get a peak) will that person know I viewed their story?
Please if someone has a finsta can they check on this?
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2021.12.02 21:02 Affectionate-Host623 Full frontal

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2021.12.02 21:02 Novel_Ad_3974 Now that ichihime and renruki are canon do you think kubo will draw a romantic scene between them as couple?

The trend i see in shonen manga is that the mangaka claim that romance isn't the main topic of their manga but often they draw romantic scene between their character but not the mc or the friends if the mc but the mc parent's.
Look at kubo drawing masaki x isshin or kishimoto drawing minato x kushina even oda who say no romance between the strawhat draw roger x rogue or oden x toki like in a romance manga.
Will romance focus chapter or pages possible in the future for ichihime and renruki?
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2021.12.02 21:02 ghostposting_ This subreddit banned image posting?

It says "this subreddit does not allow image posting".
It's not even the weekend.
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2021.12.02 21:02 chenyboy03 How much growth is left after foot growth plates close?

"Unlike other long bones of the skeleton, vertebral body epiphyses never ossify..."
Is this referring to the growth plates? Even if its not I don’t understand how there's a huge gap between the growth plates in your leg closing, beginning at age 14, but not until age 18-25 in the spine. If estrogen in blood is responsible for growth plate closure, why the huge gap of closure ages? Could someone in theory could have many years of growth left even after the growth plates in the leg are closed?
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2021.12.02 21:02 Jackpot09 People who have been in jail, what was your favorite thing to eat there?

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2021.12.02 21:02 always_cafedo Why does it have to stay at the hypogastrium? For the operation of the heaven and earth.

-Sir, do you mean, when exhaling, I should exhale, and then stop it, and then exhale again constantly while holding my breath?
You are getting it under my consideration of explaining it in a point of intentional or deliberated action, but after all, once the watching-stopping-breaths is settled it will go automatically.
It working on its own which I'm tackling in order, which makes what´s happened now.
If one is in watching-stopping-breaths one is supposed to make automatically with Jeong-Joong-Dong(stillness-with-movement).
However, if one knows the law first, then “Alright, it does so for real!”, thus, it makes something one can realize and do by oneself.
So, the first issue is if watching-stopping-breaths should be made, which related withe the next issue if Gyeon-Sung(watching into self-nature,見性) is made.
-Then, in the state of being spontaneous, that disgusting feeling in the body that I feel when I am killing my breath, or the disgusting burden, how to say, that disgusting feeling, something uncomfortable and burdensome like this in my body, is not gonna arise?
That’s measly, this is a enourmous move. There is nothing to surpass this and nothing to interfere with this, because this goes happening within us with the power that revolves in the motion of the heaven and earth.
-Then, were you not affected by such things?
Not affected.
- It can be said not affected rather than not arising at all.
Exactly. So to speak, speaking of storms, the breeze is just measly compared to the storm, it doesn´t matter whether it is or not there. It´s like there isn´t, I mean.
The state of watching-holding-breaths is almost a state of death, for as in living worries and troubles arise, becoming the state of watching-holding-breaths which is a very high level, so one can only see the real taste after one´s got Gyeon-Sung(watching into self-nature,見性), and whenever one sees, or one wathes-in, one can check nothing but the status of stopping the breath.
That's the beginning and the end, everytime one watches-in, one can check nothing but watching-stopping-breaths.
When it comes to this, the spirit that was in the right brain has come down here, taken the chest, the heart and the lungs, and now it's become the master of them.
Spirit having sitting on the head, without unknowned, comes down to the chest and meet the middle dantian where one comes to know more about the great role of the heart and lungs in detail, and after one learns that, in order to play the harmony of the heaven and earth, such as the heaven and earth, one´s is supposed to reside in the hypogastrium.
So, first, watching-holding-breaths in itself is difficult to enter, next, if one watches-in oneself on watching-holding-breaths in itself, then “oh, the spirit was seen in the head all the time that has come down here”. The energy is here! Anytime it boils down to those two things.
Only then, hypogastric respiration is inevitable.
Awareness of upper, middle, and lower dantian(field of elixir) becomes one, which is centered just at the lower dantian(the hypogastrium), yes, so then,
Oh holy moly, things that I haven't talked about before are starting to crawl out a bit today.
-Then Sir, while breathing out I should check Jeong(stillness,靜), or watching-holding-breaths, once in a while.
It's not a check, it's always dead. When awareness wakes up, it is dead, I mean, dead place.
-I couldn't get the hang of the state of watching-holding-breaths exactly. I just know of holding the breath, that's all I know.
While holding your breath, you feel scared that you might die, frustrated, and cold feet. You should be comfortable holding your breath. You should get to the extent to like death.
-I should like the state of being breathless.
Ah yes, ah, it's actually not liking it, to say, it is only to see always stopping breathing.
Speaking of which, that's the first evidence of transition fulfilled from the lesser-self-oriented to the greater-self-oriented. Finding out that a lesser-self-oriented became the greater-self-oriented is up to that one resides in the hypogastrium (lower dantian,下丹田).
Because the residing here makes it possible for the heaven and earth to operate. The operation of the heaven and earth is that the sun shines and beats down the sea or the rivers evaporating in steam which feeds, nurtures and saves plants, animals, and humans feed, nurture in harmony.
In the same way, our body has an upper, middle, and lower dantian(fields of elixir, 丹田), only if the head of spirit must reside in the hypogastrium, which can attain and control the circulation then. I mean, it can make Soo-Seung-Hwa-Gang(the ascent of water and the descent of fire, 水昇火降). It doesn´t work in the upper here . It should not go up. Does it make clear?
-So, Sir, you said that when it is settled completely in the hypogastrium(lower dantian,下丹田), when you mentioned Soo-Seung-Hwa-Gang(the ascent of water and the descent of fire, 水昇火降) in such a state that the breathing in expands the belly top stopping then it starts breathing out in long and thin. But, after all, according to what you´ve just said, once it arrives and settles in the hypogastrium, then is it unnecessry to do anything like that for it happens automatically?
Come on, now we´ve just arrived in, why are you going forward beforehand? We´ve just get to the point of residing, just we barely reside, then let´s see how it goes afterwards. Now that we have to figure it out how it goes one by one after residing here, I haven't said anything yet, but you are going ahead.
That is, is one capturing now with the head of spirit not forgetting and being conscious of the hypogastrium.(lower dantian,下丹田 )?
-Then, residing in the hypogastrium is stopping the breath, you mean?
- Ah.
In a state of holding the breath, only if one stops the breath then one can take here, in other words, to reside here. The Spirit sits not here but here. Why does it have to stay here? For the operation of the heaven and earth.
Thus, what I have been saying is not to be eager for this hypogastric breathing, after all, according to the path I have been walking on, Gyeon-Sung(seeing into self-nature) is first then it is done automatically. The evidence of Gyeon-Sung(seeing into self-nature) is every time one watches-in oneself, Dorabom(watching-in), one can find out oneself in a state of breathlessness. Whenever one sees nothing but the breathless state.
When it happened, one is now in complete awareness, and in a state when ego has changed into the greater-self. Since ego being changed to the greater-self, holding the breathing in itself gets different then, the dimension gets changed. I'm talking about this process now.
And now, the universe rotates with the reason of Jeong-Joong-Dong(stillness-with-movement). Regardless of if this is understood or not, let´s see it so, because I was talking about the order rotating with the law of Jeong-Joong-Dong(stillness-with-movement), which comes to this point.
-As it comes to the order rotating with the law of Jeong-Joong-Dong(stillness-with-movement), here comes the hypogastrium(lower dantian,下丹田).
So now, for acheiving the watching-holding-breaths, as Dorabom(watching-in), one does body Dorabom(watching-in body), then attain body Dorabom(watching-in body), which goes on to mind Dorabom(watching-in minds). Mind Dorabom(watching-in) means thoughts and emotions. Attaining mind Dorabom(watching-in minds) leads to No-mind and No-self and then, attaining No-mind and No-self becomes the Great Openings.
Attaining the Great Openings means the head of Spirit sitting up in the brain needs to have a seat in the gastrium to control the body from top to bottom, that is, upper, middle and lower, so that it can raise and lower making it easier to do.
It should be understood to this by now, but one who doesn´t understand this far arises more and more questions , and even if the one tries to do, however, which is more like a sabotage than watching.
- Hardly can I get vibes, hardly.
I knew you didn't get. This goes after Gyeon-Sung(seeing into self-nature). In case of someone who hasn't been Gyeon-Sung(seeing into self-nature) tries to practice the method of Soo-Seung-Hwa-Gang(the ascent of water and the descent of fire, 水昇火降), which doesn´t work. It's like a guy who doesn't even have wings trying to fly.
-Doing along the way, wouldn't it be done like wet with dew?
What would you do?
- If I am doing on, won´t it happen automatically, won´t I get the vibes?
What specifically are you doing?
-Now, I am trying to do body Dorabom(watching-in body) which isn´t easy to attain though, so just I am trying to watch, but that doesn't work well, so I just see.
After all, body Dorabom(watching-in body) is something you can do anytime, here and now.
- No, no, Sir, I can´t. That's it.
If you knew you couldn´t, which was going well.
- No, not that.
You need to know that it's not done so that you can do it properly.
On the other hand, body Dorabom(watching-in body) and mind Dorabom(watching-in minds) should follow a sequence. One who can´t watch-in his body´s movement´s, can´t handle thoughts which arise in the head, those complex thoughts and emotions, so it's impossible to do it with them. There's an order.
- But, Sir,
It is necessay to get into body Dorabom(watching-in body) first.
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2021.12.02 21:02 microscopicwheaties no trigger noises if there's only music (92.8 days worth of music lol)

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2021.12.02 21:02 TopicHelpful2990 Damn straight

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2021.12.02 21:02 mevrowka Cell phone ringer and volume accidentally lowered

I am the caregiver for someone disabled both mentally and physically. He has the simplest phone AT&T offers - the Flip IV. I’ve programmed in the numbers he calls so he only has to press one digit so he can typically use the phone.
The problem is the ringer volume and speaking volume button is on the right side of the phone and he fat fingers the ringer off and/or the volume all the way down constantly. Despite having him on press the button to turn up the ringevolume, he never remembers how to do it. There isn’t a feature in any phone where you can lock the ability to change the volume from the user.
Im not sure how the volume button works or if I can disable it (while leaving the setting on maximum. Is there another way to fix this?
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2021.12.02 21:02 serghioz dead pixel ninja v+ pro kit 8i don't know if ask for replace unit and enter in a bad loop)

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2021.12.02 21:02 daynaroses Weirdest food combo?

I feel like weird food combos is intrinsic to volume eating, so what’s your guys favorite weird food combos?
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2021.12.02 21:02 Nayem122 School nerd wants dixkkkkkk

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2021.12.02 21:02 MegaRAID01 Police Arrest Seven, Seize Gun, Fentanyl, Cash in Tuesday Narcotics Operation Downtown

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2021.12.02 21:02 JeremyBreitenbach Fellow Redditors, what is the best job?

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2021.12.02 21:02 Dr_Gram2 Me rn

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2021.12.02 21:02 Urza290 ISO Arach’s

It’s for a barb so stats don’t matter.
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2021.12.02 21:02 Miles_Parker0 Uh

Does anyone wanna play Pico Park with me?
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2021.12.02 21:02 foreverchelsea New body care & candles releasing soon!

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2021.12.02 21:02 Ssihra07 Who found and who audited Olympus dao?

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2021.12.02 21:02 Cee330 Noob Portfolio Management

I'm relatively new to Crypto and I've been adding to my portfolio using DCA (I'm in it for the long term HODL). When I first started researching I saw posts advising me to set up a wallet so I have one with Exodus, initially I thought I would buy coins on the exchange and when I have a set amount ship them to the wallet, but this was before I discovered staking.
I'm now of the mindset that I want to keep staking my coins to earn passively and I'm less fussed about moving them to a wallet. However I'd like to move the coins I have back from Exodus to the exchange so I can get the most bang for buck.
The issue i have is the coins in the wallet don't meet the minimum to transfer out after fees and I've even tried exchanging them to XLM but still don't have enough to even do that.
Is it worth the effort of buying more of the coins on the exchange to send to the wallet just to move the full amount back to the exchange to stake?
Should I just leave the coins in the wallet, focus on staking what's on the exchange and occasionally send coins to the wallet?
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2021.12.02 21:02 Murder-Dat-Booty 7.1KG SAL HAUL REVIEW IS HERE!! 136 DAYS | NEVER TRUST WGB QC’S | super cost effective, cestbon, WTG

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