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Friendship (Life is Strange)

UPCOMING EVENTS. ©2021 Ian Moore | All Rights Reserved The Strange Quark. In 1947 during a study of cosmic ray interactions, a product of a proton collision with a nucleus was found to live for a much longer time than expected: 10-10 seconds instead of the expected 10-23 seconds! This particle was named the lambda particle (Λ 0) and the property which caused it to live so long was dubbed "strangeness" and that name stuck to be the name of one of ... A leading UK firm of Consulting Forensic Engineers with over 70 years experience of providing a comprehensive service in all technical aspects of legal, insurance and commercial investigations. Strange Brew for Jan 22, 2022, by John Deering The Official Travis website, featuring Travis band news, tour dates, videos and official merchandise store. The Invisible Band 20th Anniversary. India tour of South Africa: Rahul Dravid celebrated his 49th birthday in Cape Town as he oversaw India's preparations for the 3rd and final Test at Newlands. Wishes poured in for the former India captain who has been travelling with the senior national team. Clothing & accessories for ravers, clubbers & EDM festivals. Based in Camden Town & made in London since 1994. We ship worldwide! Unique styles & futuristic vibes. 'Emily the Strange' Animated Movie in the Works at Amazon Studios (Exclusive) Dark Horse Entertainment is in negotiations to produce the feature. Pop culture figure Emily the Strange is getting a new shot at a movie career. Rome, IT STRANGE DAYS. More info Jul 16 Bologna, IT Botanique Festival. More info Jul 22 Hatfield, GB Hatfield House. More info Jul 23 Nottingham, GB Splendour in Nottingham. More info ... Strange News: The oddest stories of the week 21 Jan 2022 21 Jan 2022 Martin brings us a fish that can drive, a bird cafe and a family that has built its own ice rink, in front of their home!

2022.01.27 11:15 UraniumRailroad Friendship (Life is Strange)

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2022.01.27 11:15 BarnabyShogun17 What other animated series would I enjoy if I like Chihayafuru, Monster by Naoki Urusawa, The World God Only Knows, Mob Psycho 100, Mushishi, and Sket Dance?

I know this seems like a weird group of anime series but I would say some things that unite them for me is the overall quality of their story, the richness of the loveable and complex characters, and the sort of "episodic plot" or new story these shows feature every 1 or 2 episodes, with the exception of chihayafuru and mob psycho perhaps.
Regardless of genre and popularity, what other anime would I like considering all of these? I heard Cowboy Bebop is also a solid series, as well as Gintama.
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2022.01.27 11:15 GalacticAttitude Why are the sides of my hair so thin? Is this normal?

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2022.01.27 11:15 PulseB0T I drew Ganyu. I hope you like it

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2022.01.27 11:15 iamcalifw 💸 Shiba Whales💸 stealth Launch in 10 minutes ✌️Exchange Listing ✅ Audit & KYC ❌ Anti-Dump Liquidity will be locked and ownership is renounced, Join Early!!

Our vision is to make Shiba Whales the most valuable and most rewarding token for holders and for users to earn benefits.
Shiba Whales is a project that enables both commercial organizations and non-profit ventures to get exposure for his or her services, products, or initiatives through natural social marketing campaigns that are operated by the creative power of a worldwide community influencers, marketing professionals, and almost anyone with a web presence that desires to participate during a democratized marketing campaign.
The team will be renouncing ownership of the contract this will take all powers away from the developer to interact with the contract. As well as renunciation the liquidity will be locked, this showing investors the team and token dynamic is here for the long term.
Liquidity Will be locked .
Ownership will be renounced
Great marketing and collaboration
Total supply: 100,000,000,000,000
50% intial burn
0% tax
Ownership will be renounced
Slippage buy-sell : 0%
🌎 TG : https://t.me/shibawhales
🌎 Contract Address: 0xa3af0b45a97eeadea5900f1453b4606f90e8603d
🌎 Pancakeswap: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xA3Af0b45A97EEadEa5900F1453b4606F90e8603D
🌎Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0xA3Af0b45A97EEadEa5900F1453b4606F90e8603D#readContract
🌎 Chart : https://charts.bogged.finance/?c=bsc&t=0xA3Af0b45A97EEadEa5900F1453b4606F90e8603D
Join the Community now, we are so early on this project grab a bag and enjoy this GEM
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2022.01.27 11:15 isaksen22 Coke-keta-amf på lager i Sjælland- Wickr sun46

Wickr sun46
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2022.01.27 11:15 BrianBeLeafs Game 39. Toronto 4 V Anaheim 3 (SO)

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2022.01.27 11:15 disasterlesbian1701 This really made me think of Entrapta! This is brilliant!

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2022.01.27 11:15 SWEAR2DOG Breaking News…

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2022.01.27 11:15 TheDarkAngel135790 anime_irl

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2022.01.27 11:15 Glorious_Goo If you ordered an Eeveelution Vmax box from GameStop and it was cancelled..

Check the status of the order again. I received two emails saying it had been cancelled, but this morning I was charged for it.
When I called customer service, they said the order was not only still active, but would be shipped later today.
I mean, great - since I still want it. But if you're in my situation, it might be worth checking again just in case.
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2022.01.27 11:15 cHaRlieLuv9438 that must've been an 'Inside' joke...

that must've been an 'Inside' joke...
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2022.01.27 11:15 TheLordOfNudes1 אילנוש בחינם כנסו

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2022.01.27 11:15 Rafa_DM RPG News #3 - Is Mordenkainen MoM a cash grab?

Red Dragon RPG News - your weekly dose of news about RPG!
Monsters of the Multiverse, How to convert to 5e, and much more!
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2022.01.27 11:15 KManoc Do It For Her: Azura Edition

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2022.01.27 11:15 SMH24679 Bring back the old set piece system

There was nothing wrong with free kicks and pens in the older games EA changed it just for the sake of it. I’m talking about how it used to be up to I think fifa 16 was the last one where free kicks didn’t have the aim target and you could change your players run up. I used to be able to score from up to 35 yards out with the old system and didn’t even need great free kick takers now I feel like I can only score if it’s right on the edge of the pen area and I place it right in the corner and I’m using someone with minimum 90 FK Accuracy. Maybe it’s me that’s the problem but I’ve honestly tried ever tactic from frees and can’t get anything to work consistently. Also they need to get rid of the GK moving on corners and free kicks if your opponent moves the GK you’ve got no chance of scoring directly from it.
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2022.01.27 11:15 BetterAd3202 Am I lying to myself?

These days,I have been studying.Whenever I feel like giving up,I think of the reasons why I am doing this and this helps me to get back up.But recently I have been thinking,am I lying to myself?A confident man need not tell himself he is confident.Because he just is.For the converse,if a man keeps telling himself that he is confident, he is simply not.So is the act of thinking reasons why not give up similar to this?Am I simply just lying to myself?Although I find this all very laughable,it has been seeping into my subconscious
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2022.01.27 11:15 TradedMedia Sold | Hotel $33,000,000 Address: 5650 Calle Real, Goleta, California 93117, United States Address: 5650 Calle Real,... Asset Type: Hotel Closed: 1 day ago Note: The Hotel property located in Los Angeles sold for $33,000,000. The deal closed 1 day ago . View Deal Sold | Hotel $33,000,000...

Sold | Hotel $33,000,000 Address: 5650 Calle Real, Goleta, California 93117, United States Address: 5650 Calle Real,... Asset Type: Hotel Closed: 1 day ago Note: The Hotel property located in Los Angeles sold for $33,000,000. The deal closed 1 day ago . View Deal Sold | Hotel $33,000,000... submitted by TradedMedia to tradedla [link] [comments]

2022.01.27 11:15 vinininja355 [PC][RIVEN][PRICECHECK]

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2022.01.27 11:15 ToddJustWorks Praise Todd Howard

Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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2022.01.27 11:15 IAmLordOwen Left Hand of Absorption, Right Hand of Expulsion, Hand Exchange

Left Hand of Absorption: Any liquids the user touches with their left hand get sent to a storage room full of Nen tanks, capable of holding any amount of any liquid. The more aura the user expends, the faster the absorption happens.

Right Hand of Expulsion: The user chooses a liquid they previously stored inside a Nen tank and expels it out of their right hand. More aura can be used to increase the pressure at which this happens.

Hand Exchange: Anything the user touches with their left hand automatically appears out of their right hand. If the right hand is touching a surface like a door or a wall, the object/person/liquid touched appears on the other side of it. It's essentially rapid very-short-range teleportation.
In terms of aura spent from most->least for the type of exchange: the user themselves > living creatures > dead creatures > objects (big->small) > liquids

Caveats: The user is not protected against any harmful effects of the liquids. If they want to absorb or expel something like lava, they must coat their hands in a layer of protective Nen. This means they have less aura available to defend themselves with during the process.
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2022.01.27 11:15 Ringwormguy Klonopin low dose thrice weekly

I take clonazepam 0.25 mg for my stress and sensory overload I take it on Monday Wednesday and Friday Thrice weekly
Is this dose addictive or is there chance of dependence Or tolerance ?
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2022.01.27 11:15 KaamDeveloper SexDrugsHighschoolPhoria

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2022.01.27 11:15 ToddJustWorks Praise Todd Howard

Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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2022.01.27 11:15 LonelyJay_ Cuántos días me dará 🤔 Lo intentaré

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