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Ya-ha-ha! I made a Korok out of polymer clay!

2022.01.27 12:13 smw89 Ya-ha-ha! I made a Korok out of polymer clay!

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2022.01.27 12:13 ChumpsLand To be, or not to be [OC]

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2022.01.27 12:13 Chamber_Flow Spreadsheet with trades listed. Discraft, Innova, mint jackalope and Discmania tilt

Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10Csh2UzWDJYOkWsqRmwAjCKKTiZhDmlvw-D9fiiIeU0/edit
Verification: https://imgur.com/a/PG7vSB1
Trades are Lunas, tour series lots or mint kastaplast, Nate doss buzzz, lightweight lots, og get freaky, Askren buzzz, 2022 glow kaxe z, and crystal lunas.
I will trade multiple disc for the nicer stuff listed. Pictures and condition are listed on the sheet. Anything in red is sold and all prices are shipped. All prices will stay up after sell.
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2022.01.27 12:13 NewsElfForEnterprise DuPont Earns Perfect Score on Human Rights Campaign Foundation's 2022 Corporate Equality Index

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2022.01.27 12:13 faskothewolf Forza is a great game with no obvious flaws

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2022.01.27 12:13 Lol33ta Dark Magic by Yioshka

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2022.01.27 12:13 PlanetToday "Spooky" Object Flashes Radio Waves In Our Galactic Backyard A mysterious object, unlike the world, has ever seen, is unleashing massive bursts of energy ev…

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2022.01.27 12:13 euryyydice LOOKING FOR 7 PEGAXY SCHOLARS!!!!

Players Guild
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2022.01.27 12:13 EnergyAffectionate48 What if the fight took another year in infinity fortress

I was thinking if it happened in another year, would zenitsu had died when fighting kaigaku or would win due to training. I know the hashiras would be more stronger but how about the uppermoons and muzan? Would shinobu made a poison that can work on doma without having to eat her? What do you guys think? Don't know much about this
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2022.01.27 12:13 j___bizzzle Need a new fuel sender for my Squarebody. What is the white canister on the underside? Just a check valve for a vent? If so, can I just plug it? It no longer has the charcoal canister installed

Need a new fuel sender for my Squarebody. What is the white canister on the underside? Just a check valve for a vent? If so, can I just plug it? It no longer has the charcoal canister installed submitted by j___bizzzle to MechanicAdvice [link] [comments]

2022.01.27 12:13 bernie2020202020 Letters of Recommendation

Hi everyone!
I’m currently in my last semester at McGill majoring in econ. I made the choice to take a few years off school and work before returning to grad school.
I know a few profs that would likely write me a letter of recommendation, but I’m not applying anywhere next year. Im worried that by the time I apply to grad school, the profs will forget who I am/be difficult to contact.
So I’m wondering, should I ask profs now to write me a letter of recommendation that I will use when I apply in later years? Or should I just wait until I’m planning on applying.
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2022.01.27 12:13 Denikkk How can I make my areca palm happy? I've had it for less than a month and it's getting droopy and starting to lose some leaves. (drying from the tips)

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2022.01.27 12:13 Ronisnothere234 Iris hermona has huge flowers, some of the largest in the Oncocyclus Iris section. The populations rapidly decrease in numbers due to Israeli military exercises, poaching and more, and there are only about 250 mature specimens today.

Iris hermona has huge flowers, some of the largest in the Oncocyclus Iris section. The populations rapidly decrease in numbers due to Israeli military exercises, poaching and more, and there are only about 250 mature specimens today. submitted by Ronisnothere234 to botany [link] [comments]

2022.01.27 12:13 reelfishing2 What is your favourite rise against album?

These are the winners of the last two polls, so they are going head to head in a final match. If one of these isn’t your favourite just vote for the one you like better.
View Poll
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2022.01.27 12:13 Shadow_Lord1245 An interesting title

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2022.01.27 12:13 thatladylora Mother claims cat is possessed and forces me to get rid of it.

I don’t if this really fits here but I kinda just wanna get this story off my chest. Sorry for weird formatting(on mobile) or bad grammar(English hasn’t been my primary language for about four years now). It’s kinda long so TLDR: Mother gets a cat after a spiritual guide recommends it but decides the cat is evil and possessed after her kids get attached and gives it away.
A couple months ago my(17 at the time/f) mother(44y/o, f) hired this spirit guild woman to bless our house for I don’t know what reason. The woman came up my room, burned some like incense or sage then had me sit down so she could pray for me and “read me”. I respect my mother’s beliefs but I was a little skeptical of this stranger touching my face and blowing in my face. She told us that I was gonna grow into a smart successful woman who would marry a rich husband (I’m not straight lol) then she walked off with my mother to her room to do the same for her.
An hour later after the woman left my mother sat me down, took my hand, and told me about what spiritual guide told her. Apparently my moods(clinically diagnosed depression) was because I was being haunted and I needed protection from my “spirit animal”, which conveniently happened to be the animal drawn in most of my art hung on my walls and in my notebooks. I told my mother that I don’t have the time or mental capacity to care for a cat but my SPIRIT needed to be balanced and protected.
My aunt’s cat who had given birth a while back so she had 4 cats roaming around so acquiring a spirit animal wasn’t hard. Before the cat even got here I realized that nobody else was going to take care of it, so I went into my saving and bought everything the cat would need. When I ask my mother where I should set up the cat’s stuff she explained how it was implied that the cat would stay in our yard. I asked my mom if she wanted the cat to straight up Runaway or get attacked by one of the neighborhood stray often broke into our backyard to get into our trashcan so she “suggested” that the cat stay in my room.
I picked up the cat and once it was in the house my brother(13y/o) fell in love with her. The cat was named by our mother after our home state Georgia which was cute I guess. My mother forced me to lock the cat in my bathroom overnight because she was worried that it would “stink up” my room, so Georgia who had gotten attached to me at this point spent the first night crying in the bathroom for hours. I was told not to go into the bathroom or else “she would never get over her separation anxiety”. Because I had to listen to her cry all night I didn’t get any sleep which had a little more irritable the next day.
The first week was weird, eventually I started to get attached to Georgia who would follow my around the house and sit in my lap while I worked. My brother had also gotten to the point where he would refer to himself as Georgia’s dad and would spend a good amount of his free time with her. The only person who didn’t click with the cat was my mother, who didn’t want Georgia in her room or her office space. She loved taking pictures or the cat or having me put her into those cat dresses for show but my mother would also jump and squeal every time the cat approached her.
One morning after having Georgia for like two weeks my mother called me into her office and told me about the dream that she had. Georgia attacked her in this dream and it had really freaked my mother out. I assured my mother that the cat was very sweet and not violent at all. In fact Georgia had been very gentle and patient with my four-year-old cousin when he was manhandling her and grabbing at her. My mother who has claimed that she has magical powers and can see visions and signs in her dreams, told me that this was proof that there is something going on with the cat.
That night my mother came downstairs to the living room, where the maid and I were playing around with Georgia. Being a curious little thing as cats are, after seeing my mother sit down on the couch, Georgia walked over. She stretched out and put her paws on the armrest, and my mother jumped and screamed about how the cat jumped at her just like in her dream. Georgia got scared and ran off to go hide behind me. I tried to explain to my mom that the cat had not jumped at her but she didn’t care. She ordered me to pick up my cat and lock her up in my room where she couldn’t jump at her.
The next night after that my mother was down in the living room again and the cat happened to be laying on the floor. At one point Georgia had woken up from her nap and turned to look at my mother. “Lora look at the way she’s look at me.” “What?” “She glaring at me” this point the cat was no longer interested and was looking at some fly on the wall. “She wasn’t glaring at you mama, she was looking at you.” She started to lecture me about demons and possession and stuff but I kinda tuned her out because I was busy working on an essay.
That night my mother dragged me back into her office and started to tell me about her theory. “They’re watching us Op. They processed the cat” “Who are they?” “My enemies Op, the people conspiring against me. The same people who did witchcraft to end my marriage.” “And what does that have to do with the cat?” At this point I had learned to dismiss this type of crazy talk so it didn’t really faze me at first. “They’re watching us through Georgia’s eyes. That’s why I had a dream about her and that’s why she’s always staring at me and following me.” I don’t even remember how most of the conversation went after that because I was just in a different headspace after that sentence.
After that discussion Georgia was banned from being in my mother’s vicinity or really anywhere but my room. Which really upset Georgia because I had to leave my room for stuff and she would be all alone. And when I left her alone she would start crying for me to come back which my mother could hear from her office. My mother started threatening to get rid of the cat but at this point I had gotten into a schedule and gotten attached to Georgia.
Christmas was just around the corner at the time so my brother was excited to celebrate Georgia’s first Christmas. My mother was a little more lenient that day when we were putting up decorations so she let the cat out to walk around the living room. At one point my mom took out the like Green ring things for the door and Georgia got really stiff looking at it. As soon as my mother noticed that she was afraid, she chased the poor baby around the room with it cackling like a Disney villain. Eventually Georgia ran up back to my room where she hid under my bed until my mother allowed me to go upstairs to comfort the cat.
When I came back my mother informed me that she wanted me to put the cat and her stuff in the yard. She felt that her enemies were starting to gather information on me and my room to hurt her so the cat needed to be taken out. I didn’t wanna argue with my mom so the next day I bought one of those dog house/cage things and started setting up the yard.
I was coming back into the house when my mother came down the stairs and saw me with some of the stuff for the cat. “What are you doing?” “Getting ready to set the cat outside” “You know I don’t need all of that attitude from you” before I could even respond she just started yelling at me and I stood there for a minute until she finished before asking her “You wanted me to put the cat in the yard so I was taking the steps to do so. You asked me what I was doing and I explained to you that I was complying with what you wanted and putting the cat outside. Now you’re telling me that I have an attitude and I just want to know what did I do wrong?” She glared at me for a solid 20 seconds before looking me over and asking me “Do you think this is right?” “Do I think what is right?” “Dressing like that?” She then proceeded to shame me for wearing pajamas in my own home. It’s important to note that she was also in her pajamas. I was just too tired to argue at this blatant gaslight and just nodded my head before going upstairs showering and changing clothes.
After I had everything set up my mother ordered me to move all of the cat stuff to my balcony because she didn’t want my cat to be able to see her through her office window which was facing the yard. Just when that was done she just told me that it was over and that she’s getting rid of the cat. She intended to send Georgia away somewhere instead of giving her back to my aunt because she was afraid that her enemies would start spying on my aunt to get to her. I was upset and my brother was crushed so we tried to argue a bit for the cat and she said that if we could keep her on the balcony and out of her space then we could keep Georgia. I complied with everything that she wanted did whatever she asked of me.
Three days later out of nowhere after telling us two days earlier that we could keep our cat she came into my room and said “ Pack her up, today is the day” “What?” “Yeah” smiling and giggling in my face as she told me that she had given away my cat. After getting Georgia in her Carrier I got into the car with her before we went off to some random neighborhood. Once we got to this building a man came up and he had me take Georgia out of her carrier before taking her away from me.
I’ll never forget the look in her eyes as the man started to walk away. She looked so confused and hurt. I cried all the way home then went straight into my room, shit my door and stayed in there until my brother came home because I wanted to be the one to tell him knowing how my mother would be. He did not take it too well obviously but my mothers reaction was worse. She walked by his room and saw him crying. “Oh he knows? Whatever” before laughing and walking off to her room.
The next day my mother came into my room while I was in one of my classes doing whatever work I was doing. She gave me this sickly sweet smile then walked up to me and gave me a hug which is weird because she doesn’t initiate affection unless it’s to emphasize a point or manipulate me. I didn’t hug her back or really say anything until she walked back over to my door and said “Don’t be mad at me….Are you mad at me?” “I don’t know” she started telling me not to be depressed and that it was just a stupid cat and that we’ll get a dog to replace her. When that didn’t make me smile and go back worshiping her she went super cold. I didn’t really wanna be in my house anymore so I asked her if I could spend the night at my best friend’s that weekend. She then went on a purity rant and told me that if I kept acting depressed I couldn’t keep hanging out with my best friend because she “makes me depressed”. I told my mother that I wasn’t depressed because I of my friends and then I was depressed because she gave away my cat. She then told me to get over it because it had already been “two days” then she told me to “shut the fuck up” when I told her it hadn’t even been 24 hours yet and grounded me.
Her birthday came around after that so she couldn’t be bothered with this subject. Georgia hasn’t come up since then, she just pretends like it never happened as she usually does whenever she destroys some thing that I love. All that I know is that Georgia is living with some Italian family on the other side of our city, supposedly happier now.
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2022.01.27 12:13 KenjisBestie Kenji.. I don’t think ppl on tiktok like the fact that you have a foot kink 🙁

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2022.01.27 12:13 CoehnMB What fighting style for an awakened light user?

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2022.01.27 12:13 inapicklo Rejecting a safety school when it's the only option?

At the moment, this is a hypothetical question because I have 1 waitlist and 6 tbd decisions. But, I am worried about the outcome where I only get acceptances to my safety schools (almost more than getting no acceptances).
If this is my outcome, I would strongly consider going through another cycle in hopes of getting into a program I actually want to be at. I feel very ungrateful and guilty for even considering this option, but at the same time, I want to go somewhere I think I'll be happy at.
Any perspectives on this?
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2022.01.27 12:13 fezzuk Broadway market, time-lapse after traffic controls implemented.

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2022.01.27 12:13 ContentForager2 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (/r/evangelionmemes)

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2022.01.27 12:13 lostandlonelylol When Atomic met BS was that all 66 trillion of Black Sperm in one body?

When Atomic met BS was that all 66 trillion of Black Sperm in one body?
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2022.01.27 12:13 snkde Team C171 64GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive Model TC17164GB01 $4.99

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2022.01.27 12:13 More_Beautiful_9064 First Impression with Duo 2 recent Jan update

The phone seems certainly smoother for sure. Touch response is quicker and in general I get a better feel. However, have detected a few new bugs.
-Camera app crashes when use it to scan a QR code
-My slim pen 1 is detected and paired but keeps disconnecting. Can not use the new click function
-Gesture to bring up apps to scroll stops working occasionally
-Phone gets hotter
I am hoping this is just early adjustments and after couple days of use they disappear. Will post an update in a few days.
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2022.01.27 12:13 magnificy TIFU by opening a condom with my teeth

I (M24) was told that you should not open a condom with your mouth, the reasoning being you could cut the condom with your teeth. However, in the heat of the moment one wants to be sexy and it's the only way (I've managed) to unwrap one with one hand while putting the other to good use. I figured that with today's latex technology and if I just tear the corner of the wrapper, that it shouldn't be an issue. Only did it for three months until today. What was a wonderful morning quickie turned into an awful start to the day when the second I finished the tip of the condom ripped... I felt it and pulled out but it was too late.
My poor girl was terribly stressed but thankfully she works from home. So I just got her plan B, some macaroons, and her favorite coffee. I hope it helps her but it marred a great night and what could have been a great start to the day.
Tl;dr I opened a condom with my mouth and it ripped as I came inside a girl.
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