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AVCtechnologies Announces Definitive Agreement to Divest Computex Technology Solutions to Focus on Kandy Platform - AVCT AVCTW

2022.01.27 11:50 SPAC_Time AVCtechnologies Announces Definitive Agreement to Divest Computex Technology Solutions to Focus on Kandy Platform - AVCT AVCTW

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2022.01.27 11:50 BlackShadow007 [HIRING] Community Moderator at Mod Union

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2022.01.27 11:50 New_Trash_556 Bin ich der einzige, der /r/againsthatesubreddits nutzt um die neusten basierten subs zu finden?

Die Listen die sogar herrlich praktisch auf!
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2022.01.27 11:50 BruinMDP The Smoke (official Release)

Looks like we're getting the studio version of The Smoke today:
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2022.01.27 11:50 Shot-Neighborhood601 Donkey Kong Country • Chill Music Compilation With Ocean Ambience 🎵🎧🌊

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2022.01.27 11:50 HLMenckenFan World remembers Holocaust as antisemitism rises in pandemic

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2022.01.27 11:50 No_External_1764 Should I explain why I'm test-optional?

I submitted all my apps and forgot to explain why I'm test-optional (covid reasons). Should I provide a portal update or no?
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2022.01.27 11:50 CronoDroid Jeong Yein, Choi Yena, Yuju - Idol Radio Theme (Dance Challenge)

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2022.01.27 11:50 anissha_16 Looking for more friends

5576 4071 5213 and 6255 2041 4680
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2022.01.27 11:50 Proper_Breakfast_844 Myocarditis Cases Reported After mRNA-Based COVID-19 Vaccination in the US From December 2020 to August 2021

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2022.01.27 11:50 Foreign-Benefit-4525 What is this tiny bug?

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2022.01.27 11:50 Soul_Ripper Kiara was a bit scared of the FPS Community

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2022.01.27 11:50 Mr_Kink01 Physiotherapist Salary in Private Sector

hi guys
I'm currently completing my community service & was wondering what is the salary like in the private sector?
Thanks in advance !
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2022.01.27 11:50 blueguy22222 Saving students money

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2022.01.27 11:50 Few_Lingonberry3026 Yummy

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2022.01.27 11:50 carljt169 Anyone looking for a rental elite fifa player to play your games. DM me.

I can play all your games and take you to elite in a day or two. Also can play futchamps if you want. Only PC
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2022.01.27 11:50 Curious_Race_2346 [Academic] Music Video Survey For (Anyone Aged 16-25)

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2022.01.27 11:50 TerribleLies2021 Help with Getting the Right Size Band

Just got my Classic4 and found that the band is too tight only wrist. My wrist is about 7.75", what is the right size band for me? Looking for both length size and "Large, extra large" etc if it applies. I've been looking online but am just confused.
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2022.01.27 11:50 woolliewilly Looking for new friends to play with!

Hey guys, with Pokemon Legends: Arceus releasing (or released) in some regions, I'm looking for some friends to play with online since my IRL friends don't like to play Switch games to be gin with :(
I do think Pokemon is more fun to play with more people, do hit me up if you're interested!
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2022.01.27 11:50 cincituckian Look how easy it could be to share this information in a truly wonderful way. She could even have her tits out like she likes to do.

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2022.01.27 11:50 CRYPTOsauceNews Valkyrie Is Digging For Bitcoin Mining ETF

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2022.01.27 11:50 reckless-beast Just people being wholesome

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2022.01.27 11:50 Dioxism Caught driver using license plate hider - see Mustang in center lane

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2022.01.27 11:50 Moist_Cod4416 Police stopping the traffic so that the mother cat can get her kitten across - New York, 1925.

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2022.01.27 11:50 Vcom7418 Pokemon Blue Nuzlocke Log

Rules: 1. Faint = Death 2. First encounter catches only (unless dupe) 1. Safari Zone rules: 1. In Safari Zone, fails don’t count as failure to catch 2. All zones are available for capture 2. Gift Pokemon do not count towards encounters (can be accepted freely) 3. Battle Style = Set 4. No overleveling past the next gym leader’s ace (soft rule) (followed throughout) 5. All possible Legendaries have to be battled and caught or defeated (without the Master Ball). Legendaries cannot be used in the playthrough (hence they can be caught) Log 1. Recieved Starter Pokemon Kingston (Squritle, Lv 5) 2. Double Crit rival’s (Morbius’s) Bulbasaur 3. Route 1 - Caught Cutler (Rattata, Lv 4) 4. Route 22 - Caught Azure (Nidoran, Lv 4) 5. Route 2 - Caught Madama (Caterpie, Lv 3) 6. Viridian Forest - Caught Maple (Kakuna Lv 4) 7. Grind on Route 22. 8. Madama evolved into Metapod during grind 9. Fought Morbius on Route 22 1. Pidgey would Sand Attack Kingston into being unable to do anything (I miss Keen Eye). After half hp was gone, switched to Cutler, who managed to whittle down the hp until it was safe to switch Kingston back in and finish the job. 2. Switched to Azure to fight Bulbasaur. Less attack + Leech seed didn’t keep her in for long so Cutler was switched in to finish the job 10. Grind on Route 2 before Brock (why is he so high in levels omg), Madama evolves into Butterfree 11. Vs Brock 1. Kingston bubble 4 shot lol Team at the time of winning vs Brock: Kingston (Squirtle, Lv 14), Cutler (Rattata, Lv 11), Azure (Nidoran, Lv 11), Madama (Butterfree, Lv 10), Maple (Kakuna, Lv 9) 12. Jesus Christ Azure almost died to shorts kid and his Ekans 13. Route 3 - Spears (Spearow Lv 7) was caught 14. Maple evolved into Beedrill :D 1. She still only knows Harden because she was a Kakuna XDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXD 15. Mt Moon - Greyson was caught (Zubat, Lv 7). Boxed (for now at least) 16. Route 3 grind because I know the bastard of a trainer that is coming up 17. Also the Route 4 starts with the entrance to Mt Moon and I got scared I nulled an encounter lmao 18. Switched to Mt Moon for grinding because levels are better 19. Kingston evolved into Wartortle! 20. And Azure evolved into Nidorina! 21. Grinding done, the cave is explored. Found a Mega Punch and a Moon Stone. Reading ahead in Nidorina’s movelist, I decided that there is nothing really that she needs to learn down the line as Nidorina, and as such, Azure was evolved into Nidoqueen and taught the Mega Punch 22. Lv 16 Raticate Rocket grunt (one of the most dangerous trainers in the entire game, to the point where he was removed in Yellow, and replaced with regular old Rattata trainer in subsequent remakes 1. Madama lead in. Stun Spore missed, but Poisonpowder hit. Madama was put down to almost 10% of her hp from a tackle and hyper fang 2. Azure was switched in. High defence meant she could shrug off his attacks. 2 Mega Punches later, and a cheated Raticate is no more (Justice for my first Blue Nuzlocke where this bastard killed half my team) 23. At the end of the cave, Dome Fossil was obtained 24. Route 4 - Anakin was caught (Sandshrew, Lv 10) 25. Morbius battle on Bridge (I FORGOT ABOUT IT AAAAAAAA) 1. Kingston’s water gun wasn’t great vs Pidgeotto. Even with a potion, he got down to 25% of his hp, mostly due to sand attacks forcing him to miss. Thankfully Azure finished the job 2. Lol his Abra only knows teleport. Madama gets confusion from confusion on turn one (well 2 technically, I am on set mode). Tackles and Abra’s confusion finish it off 3. Madama’s poison and confusion do a short work of Ratatta 4. With Madama’s just learned Sleep Powder, one sleepy grass dinosaur is put to sleep, Madama is healed, and Morbius’s starter is finished off 26. Trainer battle vs a random rattata - MAPLE TANKED A HYPER FANG AFTER BEING LEERED AND LIVED AT 1 HP :POGGERS: 27. Route 24 - Dirty Work was caught (Bellsprout, Lv 12) 28. Route 25 - Maple killed a wild Abra with the first time she ever hit a 4 time Fury Attack D:< 29. Maple replaced with Dirty Work 30. Route 5 - Hitcoin was caught (Meowth, Lv ??) 31. Dirty Work evolved into Weepinbell 32. Vs Misty 1. Staryu was used for set up. Dirty Work used Stun Spore to paralyze staryu. It could barely do anything while I set up 3 Growths and ko’d it in one shot 2. Starmie still needed to be two shot, however, but nothing too difficult. 33. Route 6 - Bird up was caught (Pidgey, Lv 15) 34. Cutler evolved into Raticate :D 35. Entered Vermillion City. Forgot to update my team post Misty, so here it is: Kingston (Wartortle, Lv 21), Cutler (Raticate, Lv 20), Azure (Nidoqueen, Lv 20), Madama (Butterfree, Lv 19), Spears (Spearow, Lv 19), Dirty Work (Weepinbell, Lv 22) 36. Route 11 - Bill was caught (Drowsee, Lv 15) 37. Diglett Cave - HHH was caught (Diglett, Lv 18) 38. During SS Anne raid, Spears evolved into Fearow 39. Vs Morbius on SS Anne 1. Spears beats his Pidgeotto, Azure beats his Raticate, Critical Dig from Cutler beats Kadabra, Hyper Fang from Cutler and Confusion from Madama beat Ivysaur 40. Vs Surge 1. At first I planned on Dirty Work to do more, but with Vine Whip not doing much damage, and Voltorb having sonicboom, I switched in Cutler and Digged his team lol Team at the current time: Kingston (Wartortle, Lv 24), Cutler (Raticate, Lv 24), Azure (Nidoqueen, Lv 23), Madama (Butterfree, Lv 23), Spears (Fearow, Lv 23), Dirty Work (Weepinbell, Lv 23) 41. Killed Onix in the Rock Tunnel 42. Vs Morbius in Pokemon Tower 1. Pidgeotto went down to a quick Sleep Powder from Madama + Crit Hyper Fang from Cutler 2. Cutler hyper fanged his Gyarados to around 50% health, but after 2 misses and hard bites from Gyarados, a switch to Dirty Work occured. Dirty Work’s Vine Whip was NVE (???) and I switched to Kingston who Seismic Tossed him twice for a win 3. Water Gunned Growlithe lol 4. Water Gunned Kadabra, but after a critical confusion, switched into Spears to finish the job 5. Pecked Ivysaur for the win 43. Forgot to mention: Route 9 - no encounter, everything available on the route was already caught 44. Route 8 - Ylvis was caught (Vulpix, Lv 15) 45. Route 7 - Caught everything possible. No encounter 46. vs Erika 1. Victreebel and Tangela easily dealt with with Spears, though he was hit with a poisonpowder + Tangela’s bind. Annoying 2. Switched in Madama for Vileplume. A quick sleep and confusion later, the match was won Current team: Kingston (Wartortle, Lv 29), Cutler (Raticate, Lv 29), Azure (Nidoqueen, Lv 28), Madama (Butterfree, Lv 29), Spears (Fearow, Lv 30), Dirty Work (Weepinbell, Lv 28) 47. Beat Giovanni in Celadon Hideout but that was pretty uneventful lol 48. Pokemon Tower: Slight cheat since I entered the building prior to getting Silph Scope and as a result, I saw uncatchable ghosts, and then I entered the tower again and fought Marowak ghost as well, so I am saying “first catchable encounter” rule applied. Anyway, Mugen was caught (Gastly, Lv. 21) 49. I legit forgot everything about the game so i had to backtrack to Vermillion to get a Bike lmao 50. Route 12 - TankTank was caught (Snorlax, Lv 30) 51. I have to mention this here. Every time Cutler has faced down immenent doom because of a Graveler selfdestruct (or in this case, Voltorb) he just happened to be underground with Dig lmao. This happened thrice at this point 52. Route 13 - Ina was caught (Ditto, Lv 25) 53. Route 14 - Killed a Venonat because apparently poison doesn’t resist poison in gen 1??? 54. Caught Chloe in Fuschia City (Magikarp, Lv 15) 55. Safari Zone Center Area - Legion was caught (Doduo, Lv 26) 56. Accidentally caught a Nidoran in North area. It doesn’t count and will be released quickly XD 57. Safari Zone East Area - Carnage was caught (Venonat, Lv ??) 58. Safari Zone North - Syte was caught (Paras, Lv 23) 59. On Cycling Road, Kingston evolved into Blastoise :D (Pretty cool moment too. A screech from Voltorb left Dirty Work vulnerable to a potential selfdestruct. Switched in Kingston who had a better defence, he tanked it, and beat 2 Voltorbs) 60. Route 16 is locked for further Pokemon 61. Rider Kick recieved for beating the Fighting Dojo (Hitmonlee, Lv. 30) 62. With a heavy heart, finally decided to swap out Cutler for Rider Kick 63. Found a TM for Earthquake and immediately gave it to Azure 64. Vs Morbius in Silph Co 1. Pidgeot went down easily, Gyarados got the whole team below 25% of their health before being stopped by Kingston (barely) 2. Rest of the team went down easily to Kingston, but Alakazam took a big chunk of health. vs Venusaur, I switched to Dirty Work who took Poisonpowder, and I healed Spears. 2 Drill Pecks later, and very close battle with Morbius was done 65. Giovanni sucked by comparison lol 66. Dirty Work was evolved into Victreebel 67. Entered Koga’s gym, wanted to beat all trainers…and after doing that, I accidentally challenged Koga to a fight when I didn’t realize it was him from the sprite, so my team wasn’t 100% going in D: 1. Drill Pecked a Koffing with Spears 2. Surfed Muk and Koffing with Kingston 3. Switched to Azure for Weezing…as he just Selfdestructed. This was his final Pokemon…what…(Azure tanked the hit) Team at the time of the badge: Kingston (Blastoise, Lv 42), Azure (Nidoqueen, Lv 41), Madama (Butterfree, Lv 40), Spears (Fearow, Lv 40), Dirty Work (Vileplume, Lv 40), Rider Kick (Hitmonlee, Lv 40) 68. Vs Sabrina 1. Put her Kadabra to sleep with Madama, and switched to Spears, who proceeded to one shot 3/4 of her Pokemon (maybe I overestimated their defences lmao) 2. Getting scared for Spears, I switched to Kingston for the final battle vs Alakazam, who immediately set up Reflect while Spears used fly…and a single critical surf one shot the dreaded Alakazam 69. Forgot I didn’t catch anything on route 19, and ran away from a Tentacool 70. Seafoam Islands - Crab Game was caught (Krabby, Lv 30) 71. Cinnabar Island - Gatack (Kabuto, Lv ??) and Putotyra (Aerodactyl, Lv ??) we’re revived 72. Pokemon Mansion - Puddle was caught (Grimer, Lv 30) 73. Vs Blaine 1. Surf 5 shot lol (Arcanine took 2 shots) 74. Sea Route 21 - lv 5 Tentacool. Nope. 75. Power Plant - Killed a Magnemite (and I really wanted one too :() 76. Vs Giovanni: 1. Dugtrio and Rhyhorn taken out by Dirty Work… 2. And the rest by Kingston and his Surf. ALL oneshots. Only thing of note is that his Nidoqueen got a successful poison during Poison Sting while I switched to Kingston lmao 77. Final Rival battle vs Morbius 1. Kingston beats his Pidgeot, Rhyhorn and Gyarados with Surfs and Ice Beams, Azure Earthquakes Growlithe… 2. …and his Alakazam turned out to be a big problem. I definitely underestimated how hard he hits. Takes 60% of Azures health with a Psybeam, I switch to Madama, who misses a Sleep Powder, and loses 60% herself to 2 Psybeams. Switch to Spears while Morbius potions Alakazam (cheap cunt XD). Spears outspeeds and hits a Fly to beat Alakazam, and Fly and Drill Peak to beat Venusaur. 78. Madama, finally outpaced by the game, was swapped in the PC for Volt, who was immediately evolved into Jolteon with a Thunderstone 79. Victory Road - Graveler self destructed XD (1% encounter too!) 80. On Victory Road, against an opposing trainer’s Dewgong, Spears died to Aurora Beam. Death 1 of the run… 81. PuToTyra (Aerodactyl) was retrieved from PC 82. While grinding on Victory Road, exploded Graveler killed Rider Kick D: Death No 2 83. TankTank brought on the team as replacement 84. After grinding the team to an average lv of 55, Zapdos was challenged. It was easily brought down into red from 2 Rock Slides from Azure, but unsuccessful catches brought her into red. TankTank finished Zapdos off 85. Moltres and Articuno were one shot Rock Slide lol 86. Note: I got tired of grinding for Elite 4 and also started a Brilliant Diamond nuzlocke at the same time lmao 87. Final team for Elite 4: 1. Kingston (Blastoise, Lv 61) 2. Azure (Nidoqueen, Lv 60) 3. Dirty Work (Victreebel, Lv 60) 4. Volt (Jolteon, Lv 60) 5. Putotyra (Aerodactyle, Lv 60) 6. TankTank (Snorlax, Lv 60) 88. Vs Lorelai 1. Volt one shot everyone with Thunderbolts. 2. Misclicked on Jynx for Volt to use Thunder but it almost OHKOd, and Lorelai healed the same turn as I did the one shot. Thunderbolt later, Jynx was done 3. Same thing happened with Lapras lol 89. Vs Bruno 1. His first Onix was first vs PuToTyra (grhmmm) so I switched to Dirty work. From there, switch to PuToTyra to work on Hitmons, switch back to Kingston to get rid of second Onix, and one shot Machamp with Hydro Pump 90. Vs Agatha 1. Full sweep with Azure. Small difficulty in defeating Golbat but he only knew Haze. Her final Gengar was faster and hit Night Shade but…fixed 60 damage isn’t gonna kill Azure XD 91. Vs Lance 1. Gyarados was pretty fn scary. Started with Kingston and switched to TankTank to…tank shots lol. Just in case, I set up a reflect, and Gyarados went for a non-lethal Hyper Beam. Ended up pivotting successfully to Volt. I got greedy and tried for a thunder…which rightfully missed, and Volt got hit with Hyper Beam…for 60% damage (whew). Thunderbolt one shot 2. For the first dragonair, Volt Thundered them, and I brought out Kingston. Sweep with Ice Beam (and Surf for Aerodactyl) followed lol 92. Vs Morbius 1. Pidgeot - set up a reflect on TankTank, switched to Azure…who mixed a rock slide. One Sky Attack puts her in yellow, and Rock Slide puts Pidgeot in yellow. Switch to Kingston to finish it off with Ice Beam (cool little story with him. Was a time when he couldn’t knock the damn bird out) 2. Alakazam - Did a good 40% damage on Kingston with Psychic (as did Surf to him) so I switch to Volt, who tanks a Psybeam on entry. Thunder Wave to block his speed and a 5 hit pin missle kills Alakazam, even with reflect (did I mention I love Jolteon) 3. Dirty Work crits Rhydon with Razor Leaf (he also dodged Horn Drill which could hit, Rhydon was 1 level higher (whew) 4. Switch into Volt for Gyarados…into a Hyper Beam again (DX). He survives, and Thunderbolts for the win 5. Switch to Kingston for the win vs Arcanine 6. Switch to PuToTyra vs Venusaur, as he misses a Solarbeam while PuToTyra soars. Fly + Wing Attack finish the run 93. Dirty Work crit Dodrio in Cerulean cave :/ 94. vs Mewtwo 1. Wanted to Risk everything and fight Mewtwo with an average lv 61 team lmao. Volt would paralyze him with Thunder Wave, and I tried to kill him with Pin Missle…which barely did anything (though Volt did get a few 5 hits which is nice :)) Tried Thunderbolt for funsies and it hit him for 40% damage. 2 Thunderbolts and paralyzed recovers later, I threw an Ultra Ball at Mewtwo. Single ball needed, hello Xavier (Lv 70) Final notes and thoughts: With that, all set out challenges in the run were completed. This is the end of this fun journey. On this journey I would like to thank my entire Elite 4 team: 1. Kingston (Blastoise, final level - 62) 2. Azure (Nidoqueen, final level - 61) 3. Dirty Work (Victribell, final level - 60) 4. Volt (Jolteon, final level - 62) 5. Putotyra (Aerodactyl, final level - 61) 6. TankTank (Snorlax, final level - 60) As well as 2 Pokemon who had to be replaced in order to not be killed, but were indispensible during the journey: 7. Cutler (Raticate, final level - 35) 8. Madama (Butterfree, final level - 48) ANd naturally, the Pokemon lost in the journey - Rider Kick and Spears. The two definitely showed me the value of Hitmonlee and Fearow respectively. And I hope to use either Pokemon again either in a Nuzlocke or a regular playthrough. Thank you for reading this. This nuzlocke happened during…a wild month in my life to say the least. I mean any month where an attempted revolution happens in your country can be said to be “Wild”, but I am happy Pokemon Blue was there to help me out. Why was Pokemon Blue the played game? Was feeling down on Pokemon BDSP (I got over myself, and as mentioned, started a nuzlocke there) and I really wanted to get a Nuzlocke I knew I could win. At the time of this writing, I lost a Nuzlocke in White, Platinum and HeartGold and was kinda down on Lockes as a whole, despite Jaiden’s videos and Pokemon Challenges making me really wanna do a challenge. There is also undeniable charm about gen 1 that, despite being dated as it is, makes me want to replay it again. If I ever do a gen 1 Nuzlocke though, I’ll prolly go for Yellow for variety. This is my second Nuzlocke I beat, and second Blue nuzlocke I beat, so XD What am I doing now Pokemon wise? At the time of this writing, Legends Arceus is 1 night’s sleep away. At the same time I will be continuing the aforementioned BD nuzlocke, which I am still having fun with. Last note: Why did I write this nuzlocke as a log. I keep forgetting a lot of my runs. Not just nuzlockes, but general playthroughs of Pokemon games that I had. I look at a Pokemon and I don’t fully remember their story. Writing a log a copy of which I’ll keep on my iPad, plus somewhere online like reddit, makes me happy to know that I can look back on this Nuzlocke later down the line and remember the 1 good thing this batshit insane month brought me.
Thank you for reading this.
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